Malawi – the whole diversity

The daily nature-culture-science trip from 02. 09. – 19. 09. 2019, led by Prof. Friedemann Schrenk and Dr. Stefan Schmid

The trip offered has been carried out in a similar form since 2015, with a very positive response throughout. It differs clearly from Africa journeys of other offerers. The journey concentrates on a few places where the focus is on meeting the people of Malawi and the natural and cultural history of the country. The trip is based on more than 30 years of work and life experience of Prof. Schrenk in Karonga, where we will spend four full days. No other trip on the market offers such an intensive and varied programme beyond mass tourism. Special requests for meetings are gladly fulfilled. On four evenings Prof. Schrenk will offer lectures on topics of palaeontology, geology, history and zoology of Malawi and will explain the topics on site in many places. In addition, Dr. Stefan Schmid offers a two-part photo workshop “Making better pictures for beginners”;.

For the first time Malawi will be travelled from the extreme south to the extreme north to experience the unique diversity of this fascinating country: From the dramatic Mount Mulanje and its tea plantations to the river paradise of the Liwonde National Park, which offers almost the entire African fauna. From there via the Kungoni Cultural Centre of the Catholic Mua Mission to the dream beaches of the north coast, where an adventurous all-day boat trip starts. Afterwards a four-day stay in the hot coastal town of Karonga, before we spend three nights in the high Nyika National Park at an altitude of over 2,200 metres, where independent hikes are also possible. Through the trip you will support the Cultural and Museum Centre in Karonga (CMCK), a unique place for knowledge transfer and encounter in Northern Malawi.

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