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Scientifically guided Exclusive travel with Prof. Friedemann Schrenk to Malawi from 24.5. – 10.6. 2016

Malawi, Nationalpark
Malawi, Nationalpark

After the overwhelming response to the first Malawi Trip 2015 offers the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Africa (ZIAF) Also in 2016, a scientifically guided trip to Malawi. The least known of all the Central African countries advertises with the slogan “Welcome to Malawi, the warm heart of Africa”. Rightly so, because the hospitality and warmth of the approximately 16 million inhabitants is, like the land, original, and not fake. Resource poor, Malawi is rich in beautiful landscapes and largely unknown National Park, a 560-km-long freshwater lake and a unique history dating back many millions of years.

Malawi, Land Rover, Wartung
Malawi, Land Rover, Wartung

Professor Friedemann Schrenk, one of the internationally best-known biologists and paleoanthropologists, and Dr. Stefan Schmid, manager of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Africa at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, will show you besides the beauty of the country and sites of prehistoric man fossils in northern Malawi, where Prof. Schrenk has worked for over 25 years and temporarily lives. As a professor of biology and paleoanthropology Professor Schrenk will allow participants to participate during the trip on his rich knowledge and his research results. Dr. Schmid is an experienced organizer of scientific events also Africa prior to travel at any time by phone and by email for all practical questions you may have and is the journey also photographically documented.

MalawiThe trip is aimed at travel experienced people who want to experience an authentic Africa off the beaten path and are ready for a very individually planned and guided by two scientists travel in a small group – to pay an appropriate price – up to 12 people. An interest in particular on scientific issues and openness to contact with the local population is a prerequisite. Based on the experience with the first trip in 2015 an increased emphasis on maximum comfort on the trip now offered in 2016: with a few exceptions is stayed in the best hotels available in the country. A charter flight from the capital Lilongwe in Nyika National Park in the north of the country shortens the journey time by more than twelve hours.
The proposed tour is offered in this form by any other tour operator. Since the trip also will be offered in the green season and the lodges are very small, the participants of this trip, the only visitors at the respective locations will often be. But it is precisely the remoteness of this region also accounts for its appeal. Two renewal options provide the ability either to fly on wildlife safari to Zambia, or to relax in one of the most beautiful eco-lodges in Africa on the lakeshore of Mozambique.

Malawi Land Rover Panne
Malawi Land Rover Panne

The tour is conducted by renowned specialists Africa Elangeni African Adventures in Bad Homburg, the bay and the flights. All participants will receive an insurance certificate on the booked trip. The tour operator will transfer up to 700 € per person on a donation account at the Goethe University. The money is the Cultural and Museum Centre in Karonga (CMCK), northern Malawi, supported, the participants will meet on their journey. These funds are the staff of the museum, the care of the exhibition as well as research and educational projects in Malawi supported ( It is for you the opportunity under direct payment in a donation to the Goethe University Tagged “Museum Malawi” to reduce the estimate of the price of your trip. By detecting a donation payment before maturity of the last installment of the amount to be paid by them to up to 700 EUR can be reduced. You will receive in this case a tax-deductible donation receipt / donation receipt at the Goethe University.
For more information on the itinerary and accommodation can be found in the description icon_PDF_32x32 ZIAF-Reise-Malawi-2016
The number of participants is limited to 12 people due to the hotel situation in Malawi, early registration is recommended.

Dr. Stefan Schmid
Geschäftsführer / Coordinator
Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Afrikaforschung (ZIAF) /
Centre for Interdisciplinary African Studies
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